Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My new found love for board games

Yes, it's true, I have caught the board game bug and it's costing me an arm and a leg.
When I was younger I had Space Crusade and Warhammer Quest and loved playing them but they soon got pushed aside by video games.
What sparked my new found interest was when the Kickstarter for Dark Souls went live, yes I'll admit that I only got into it due to the video game link but that's all it needed.

After backing Dark Souls I realised I'd have about a year long wait till I actually got the game and soon found myself in a game shop while visiting Manchester and ended up leaving with Mansions Of Madness Second Edition!

That's when the floodgates opened and I ended up backing more and more....So after waiting for Dark Souls to be delivered, I backed.....

Million Dollars, but...  (been delivered)
This War Of Mine (been delivered)
Vampire Hunters
Endangered Orphans Of Condyle Cove
The Refuge (been delivered)
Bears VS Babies
Barker's Row
Escape The Dark Castle
Zombiecide: Green Horde

So as you can see I have a fair few to be delivered but to tide me over I also pick up Boss Monster and The Grizzled for the girlfriend and me to play.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Im back and just in time to make a (Nintendo) Switch!

Well I am back after a long time away and i'm here to stay.

Been trying to think of a new welcome back post for a while and Nintendo have just helped me decide what to do.

Nintendo have just announced the Switch!
From what we can see it'll be a home/mobile console that'll let you take any game you play at home outside with you.

I have not really been a big fan of Nintendo over their last few consoles but Switch has got me intrigued and if the price is reasonable I just might make the Switch! (Hahaha see what I did there?)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Moved Over To Wordpress

So yea as the title says I have moved over to Wordpress and restarted my blog. It's a fresh start for me and will be carrying on my reviews but also posting different things from pictures to rants/ideas I have. So please check it out over on My New Blog

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Konica Pop

 photo DSCF9009_zpsaac5e322.jpg

The Konica Pop (aka C35 EFJ in Japan) was a popular 35mm compact camera by Konica, made from 1982. It had fixed focus, one shutter speed, and manual film advance by lever. It was available in many bright colours along with the original black. After selling 1.5 million models, new versions were launched in 1985 (including a metallic silver example). These late editions did not say "Hexanon" on the lens, but the flash had an improved recharge time.

I was extremely lucky to find this on eBay, I was just browsing and saw this going for 99p with free P+P and a day or so left so I took the plunge and placed my bid. I WON IT!(bit obvious seeing as I am reviewing it here) and a few days later it turned up on my doorstep and my first surprise was that it cost the seller £6.50 to post it! my next surprise was the condition the camera was it, it looked perfect! no scratches or dents and it even came with all the original paperwork and carry case.

 photo DSCF9008_zps0dfacd5d.jpg

 photo DSCF9012_zpsf87c828f.jpg

 photo DSCF9013_zpscb44ffff.jpg

Now I have no idea how the Autodate works because the battery needs replacing but I have read online that it puts the time and date on the photo and it's something I will look into in the future.

  • Lens: 36mm, maximum aperture f/4. Early models are marked 'Hexanon'; post 1985 are not.
  • Shutter speed: fixed at 1/125s.
  • Built-in flash which pops up, hence the name.
  • Button for close-up flash work (alters aperture accordingly).
  • ISO selector for 100/200/400 only.
  • Tripod bush.
  • Possibly unique folding rewind lever (metal) on underside of body. (Later used again on the AF3).
  • Power: 2 AA batteries (for flash).  
I will post some photo scans when I can get hold of the scanner again.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is the latest model in the instax range (the mini 90 is due out in early 2014). Its an instant camera that produces credit card sized pictures that develop in front of your eyes.

 photo Instax3_zpsd3dd6310.jpg

One nice little feature is that you can kind of control the exposure of the pictures by turning the ring just behind the lens, it has a built in light meter and recommends the setting for you but you can decide to under or over expose if you wish.

The flash is always on but I have had a play around and soften it by using a piece of tissue held in front of it and that tends to do a good job. I have seen a few things online where people have used coloured gels (sweet wrappers are cheaper) to alter the colour of the flash.

 photo Instax2_zpsf8280854.jpg

The film comes in packs of 1 or 2 small cartridges that easily slot into the back and each holds 10 shots. The standard film has a nice white border but you can buy some stylized films that have different colours or patterns and there is even some branded ones like Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Cars and Cath Kidston as well as a Christmas theme film.
 photo Instax1_zpsed7b85ab.jpg

The pictures take about 3mins to develop and have a really nice analog feel to them, the colours are great but the flash can wash them out if you are not careful.

You can find loads of fun ways to store them online and it took me quite a while to decide which photo album I wanted but I had to wait quite a while for it to come as it came from China!

Using this has made me slow down and think about what I want pictures of and even how I take them but I think the best thing about it is how the picture is there in your hand straight away, it makes the event of taking the picture seem magical and special.
Instant Film Fujifilm Instant Colour Film "instax mini"
Picture size 62 x 46mm
Shooting range / Focusing range 0.6m - ∞
Shutter Shutter speed: 1/60 sec.
Exposure control Manual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter)
Flash Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment)
Recycle time: 0.2 sec. to 6 sec. (when using new batteries), Effective flash range: 0.6m - 2.7 m
Power Supply Two LR6/AA-size 1.5V alkaline batteries
Capacity: 10 film packs (based on our company research)
Others Exposure counter (number of unexposed films), film pack confirmation window
Dimensions & Weight 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm / 307g (without batteries, strap and film pack)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Warner Brothers Sale on the Xbox Live Store

Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham City GOD - £7.49 / $9.99
Harley Quinn's Revenge - £3.49 / $4.99
Arkham City Skins Pack - £1.74 / $2.49
Catwoman Bundle Pack - £3.49 / $4.99
Nightwing Bundle Pack - £2.34 / $3.49
Robin Bundle Pack - £2.34 / $3.49
The Arkham Bundle - £4.99 / $7.49
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOD - £7.49 / $9.99
Crime Alley Challenge Map - £0.99 / $1.49
The Villain Challenge Map - £0.99 / $1.49

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Injustice: Gods Among Us GOD - £24.49 / $41.99
Batgirl - £2.44 / $3.49
Blackest Night Pack 1 - £1.39 / $2.09
Blackest Night Pack - £1.39 / $2.09
General Zod Add-on - £2.44 / $3.49
Lobo - £2.44 / $3.49
Martian Manhunter - £2.44 / $3.49
Red Son Pack 1 - £1.39 / $2.09
Red Son Pack 2 - £1.39 / $2.09
Scorpion - £2.44 / $3.49
LEGO Batman
LEGO Batman GOD - £7.49 / $9.99
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes GOD - £7.49 / $9.99
5 Villains Pack - £0.64 / $0.99
5 Heroes Pack - £0.64 / $0.99

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Birthday Boy

It was my birthday on the 1st of September and I got everything I could possibly want and more!

 photo IMGP1907_zpse2586d61.jpg

The only thing I really wanted was the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 and some film to go with it and this is where Emily spoilt me by getting me 10 pack of film, that's 100 credit card sized instant pictures. I will be doing a review of the camera in the near future.

Like I said all I wanted was the camera but Emily spoilt me even more and got me Bram Stokers Dracula with a design your own cover, now I already had this book but she knows I'm a sucker for buying a book again if it had a special cover. She also got me 21st Century Dead which is a collection of zombie stories written by various authors and includes one by Jonathan Maberry who just happens to be my favourite author (go read his Joe Ledger series and the Benny Imura saga). When I thought all my treats were over she also pulled out a bottle of The Body Shops Kistna, it's a nice refreshing scent. And last but not least I got a box of Jaffa Cakes......bloody love them!

I was really pleased and felt spoilt but then Emily informed me we just had to pop round to her mums so off we went and I had a gift bag placed in front of me, I was not expecting anything at all so this was a bonus. Inside I found a Doctor Who book, 2 shower gels (they are in the bathroom) and a massive Toblerone! (not in the picture due to me being a greedy bugger).

After a small chat and a brew we set off to the park to with Emily's little brother and sisters for a relaxing afternoon in the sun while a local band played in the bandstand. And here is where I get my final present.....Wind Up Racing Drunkards! They all know I like silly little random things and I can easily say that this is pretty random!

So there it is, my birthdays may not involve drinking stupid amounts and wild party's but that is just how we are, we enjoy nothing more then a quiet relaxing day with the family.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What have I been up to?

So what have I been up to? Well apart from applying for jobs and getting annoyed at the stupid amount of catalog distribution jobs in this town I have been doing what I do best......watching films and TV along side of gaming and spending time with the family and starting my new hobby, photography.

Due to being out of work still I have a fair bit of spare time on my hands and Netflix has quickly become my best friend. I introduced Emily to the wonder that is The Others. I got Emily to watch it because she loved The Woman In Black and I thought she might enjoy this period supernatural thriller as well. I watched House At The End Of The Street mainly because it stars Jennifer Lawrence but also because I had heard good things about it, yea it was ok I guess but nothing special. We watched Survivors together because we both have a love for end of the world and dystopia style programs/films, we get towards the end when we found out that they cancelled the show after series 2 and left it on a cliffhanger.

I will hold up my hands and admit that my one vice is gaming. I don't drink or smoke so this is what I do. I have built up my Steam collection thanks to the Humble Bundle. I have also been able to buy a few games on the Xbox Live Arcade due to various sales and thanks to that I have been playing Max Payne 3 (amazing gritty neo noir game) and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom. I am also lucky enough to be a game reviewer for Gioteck and had the chance to review Rayman Legends (I will post a link to the review when its up).

When me and Emily have spare time together we like to see friends and family and had a few days in Bridlington to see family and we have fallen in love with the place. Back at home we have been going to the local park for the last 4 Sundays to see various bands playing and having a picnic with Emilys younger siblings and in doing so we have found a great local band called The Life And Times Of The Brothers Hogg, we never buy cd's but when they said they had some we were straight there.

So that is what I have been up to.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

And The New Doctor Is........?

 photo petercapaldi_zpsa793f925.jpg

And here he is, Peter Capaldi!

I am really pleased about this and think it could be the start of Doctor Who going in a new dark direction. What are your views on this? Happy? Let down? Should it of been a woman?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Camera Review - BV 991

 photo WP_000308_zps4cb5ba3b.jpg
A little review of the BV 991. I found this little beauty on Ebay while window shopping for a bargain, I think it cost about £3 in total including the postage and as a bonus it came with a film (Expired Fujicolor C200). It's a basic no frills 35mm point and shoot camera with a 35mm lens.

My first outing with the camera was a weekend away to Bridlington with the girlfriend. I used the Fujicolor film that came with it and scanned the pictures with a Kodak ESP 3250.

 photo Bridlington11_zpscea75561.jpg
(Please ignore the fingerprints, I didn't see them till just now)  photo Bridlington10_zpsff10007a.jpg  photo Bridlington7_zpsc79926b1.jpg  photo Bridlington8_zps06f7ba56.jpg  photo Bridlington2_zps6a1a454e.jpg  photo Bridlington9_zps626d5a1e.jpg  photo Bridlington5_zpsf943268e.jpg
I think the last picture came out best. We were just walking along and saw the old couple walking holding hands and I thought it would make a great shot which I can not believe was taken this year..

I can hold my hands up and say that I am really impressed with how the pictures turned out, I thought that I would of had some trouble with light leaks but didn't get anything like that what so ever but one thing I did get was a slight vignetting.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Not posted for ages!

Yea sorry about not posting for quite a while but I have some ideas for the next few weeks and might be changing a few things yet again.

So hold tight and the posts will start again in a week.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Microsoft Do A Xbox 180

Well the internet is buzzing with the news that Microsoft have changed their minds about preowned games and the one per day connection. (It wouldnt of stopped me from getting one anyway)
Bellow is a copy of the post that Don Mattrick, President, Interactive Entertainment Business posted.

  • An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

  • Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

In addition to buying a disc from a retailer, you can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release. If you choose to download your games, you will be able to play them offline just like you do today. Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console -- there will be no regional restrictions.

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Flashback Friday - Killer Instinct

 photo KillerInstinct_zps75ba5e27.jpg

Killer Instinct is a fighting game developed by Rare and published by Midway. It hit the arcades in 1994 and was ported to the SNES and Gameboy a year later. The story is about a fighting tournament finded by a mega corporation called Ultratech so they can test out their weird and wonderful creations oh and Ultratech also just happened to of found a way to travel through dimensions and also just happen to unleash a daemon in the process.

Killer Instinct introduced a few new gaming mechanics:
  • Double Energy Bar: Instead of fighting for 2 rounds each player has 2 life bars but at the end of the round the winners life bar does not refill. 
  • Automatic Combos: Normally to perform a combo a player has to press multiple buttons but in Killer Instinct the player can get a combo from the push of 1 button.
  • Combo Breaker: When a player is on the wrong side of a long combo they have the chance to break it by inputting a series of directions and buttons.
  • Finisher: Each character has at least 2 moves called No Mercy that are used to kill the other players. One of them can be used at the end of a combo and they also have a Humiliation.
  • Ultra Combo: These are combos that you can only start once the other player is on their second life bar and it's flashing red.

Playable characters:
  • Orchid: A spy.
  • Cinder: Criminal who's been tested on and his body is now made of flames.
  • Fulgore: A cyborg.
  • Chief Thunder: Native American revenging the death of his brother.
  • Jago: A Tibetan monk following his destiny.
  • Sabrewulf: A werewolf.
  • Glacius: An aliens captured by Ultratech.
  • Riptor: A Velociraptor-Human hybrid created by  Ultratech
  • Spinal: An animated skeleton.
  • T.J Combo: Ex champion boxer.
 Secret characters:
  • Eydol: The daemon that Ultratech unleashed. (Also the games boss fight)
If you are wanting to play Killer Instinct now you will have to track either a SNES copy or the N64 port of Killer Instinct 2 that was renamed as Killer Instinct: Gold for some reason. Or you can wait till the launch of the Xbox One as it's getting a reboot!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


 photo VHS2_zps2d0a8a13.jpg

Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realise there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance. 

2 private investigators are hired by a woman to find her son who has been missing for a week, she gives them and address and tells them a window round the back is always open. When the investigators get in they find a room with a laptop showing a paused video and piles of VHS tapes and TVs all hooked up together. The man says he will go search the house while Ayesha stays in the room and checks the tapes.

Between the viewing of each tape things start to slowly get worse. Who is that in the background

(Bellow are quick descriptions of each of the short films)

Phase I Clinical Trials
A man wakes up in a doctors chair after having an operation to have a camera replace an eye he lost in a car accident. The doctor informs him that he might have some glitches and see flashes of light from time to time and for that reason they have installed a recording chip to make sure, the man is worried about "private" time and asks if it will really record everything but the doctors says it's a small price to pay in return for the government paying for his operation to get his sight back. Upon returning home the man starts to imagine he is seeing things and after a restless night there is a knock at the door......who is it and what happens?

A Ride in the Park
A mountain biker is taking his new bike out for a try and films it all with a helmet mounted camera, he calls his fiancee to let her know and that they will meet up with their friends for breakfast after he has gone round the park. Everything is going fine till a woman jumps out of the woods and runs into him, she is covered with blood and screaming about her boyfriend (did he do this to her?) He gets off his bike to help her but by now she is throwing up blood and passes out. He hears around groaning and sees some people shuffling towards them, he picks up the woman but she turns feral and claws at him. He gets away but falls down and collapses. In the distance we see 2 more bikers coming down, they see him and go to help......should they help or turn and run?

Safe Haven
In Indonesian a new crew is sent to report on what goes on in a cult. They take in cameras to record the interviews but also wear hidden cameras so they can film more then what they are told they can. Not long after setting up the camera for the interview one of the men heads off outside to get another battery but while outside he over hears his fiancee telling his best friend that she is pregnant and that it's his baby! A bell begins to chime and the "father" of the cult starts preaching over a tannoy system telling the cult that "time of reckoning has finally come". The camera man goes to ask "father" a question but he flips, pulls out a blade and warns him not to do it again.......Is it just a harmless cult or is they a darker side to it?

Slumber Party Alien Abduction
A group of young teenagers are playing pranks and recording it with a camera they have some how strapped to the dog. The boys sister is looking after them for the night and the group of boys play pranks on her and her friends (even go as far as filming her enjoying time with her boyfriend). The boyfriend goes after them to get the camera back but then the power cuts out and a loud noise shakes through the house......another prank or something else?

I saw the first V/H/S film and really enjoyed it so as soon as this came out I had to get it watched. V/H/S/2 has it's fair share of "WHAT THE HELL" moments and a fair amount of gore so it's not for the faint of heart. I did feel that this film felt a bit rushed but over all there were no problems at all. If you love found footage films then get this. You will be pleased!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Recesky DIY TLR Camera

 photo WP_000171_zps4f16cebe.jpg

This is a review of the Recesky DIY TLR Camera. I am a complete novice when it comes to photography but I have caught the analog bug and was in need of a cheap 35mm "toy camera" to get snapping. I wanted a 35mm as the film is really easy to find and can be developed on the high street. In the past I have used normal point and shoot cameras but this is completely different because it's a TLR (twin lens reflex) and you compose the picture by looking into the top of the camera and not through a view finder. A TLR has 2 lenses, 1 for taking the picture and the other for viewing.

 photo WP_000172_zps0937244b.jpg

Well as you can see it really does come in kit form but thankfully they also sent me a small screwdriver to put it all together with. The instructions can I put this? They were in broken English but then again it is imported from China and has some translation issues. I have a little confession to make here, not only am I a novice when it comes to photography but I am also a novice when it comes to building kits so I went into this not knowing if it would work at all.

While building it I only really had trouble with the springs for the shutter because the instructions were not much help what so ever and lets just say I spent close to 1 hour fiddling about with them but it was worth it.

 photo WP_000221_zps19e8ceb2.jpg

As soon as I got it built I loaded it up with an expired film that Emily's mum had and got snapping away, when that film was used up I loaded the film that was sent with the camera. I took both films to my local Boots store to be developed and had a nervous 2 days wait to see how they had turned out.

They told me that they were having trouble with 1 of the films and that one was perfectly fine, turns out the problem one is the expired one but I was expecting to have a few issues with that one so I'm not really that bothered. (Boots called a day later saying they are still working on it and that it should be fine in a few days).

 photo CNV00003_zps4a1eb121.jpg

 photo CNV00005_zpse1350244.jpg

 photo CNV00006_zpsab6694ec.jpg

 photo CNV00009_zpsef27ce7e.jpg

 photo CNV00026_zps4f2cd5db.jpg

 photo CNV00021_zps7dd2666c.jpg

 photo CNV00007_zpsf7e22716.jpg

I didn't know what to expect with the pictures as I could of had some light leaks but it is easy to say that I am in love! I love the way the plastic lens gives a soft dreamy feel to the pictures and because the shutter and the film advance are not connected you can do multiple exposures. Cameras like this make you think out of the box and try new things.

This camera is perfect for people who want to learn how cameras work and its great for people who just want to have fun with photography because its cheap!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Why Is Fable 3 Free?

So I wake up this morning and see on Twitter that some people are saying that Fable 3 is free on the Xbox so like any normal gamer I check it out. I load up the Xbox and search for Fable 3 and what do I's free! The full on demand game is free to download for Gold Members. Yea it takes up 5.61 GB but luckily I have space for it.

now this has started a fair few rumours to go it their way of gaining attention for Fable 4 to be shown later today at E3? Or is it Microsoft's way of introducing free games? Or was it just a mistake? I guess we will find out over the next few hours but no matter what I will be playing Fable 3 pretty soon!

Friday, 7 June 2013

State Of Decay

 photo StateOfDecay_zpsde946702.jpg

State Of Decay is a open world zombie survival horror game and is the first game developed by Under Labs.

Not really much of a plot. You start off as Marcus who upon returning from a hunting trip he notices things are not quite right. He meets up with a friend and they head off to see if they can find anyone else. The story develops how the player wants it to, missions come and go and you pick if you want to do them or not.

State Of Decay is different to all the other zombie games as the aim of this is to survive, you have to scavenge from huts/houses/shops or where ever you think you might find something. You build safe houses and bases with other survivors and band together to clear out the local areas of zombies.

Each of the survivors have different traits that could either help or hinder the group and you are sometimes given the decision of trying to make them leave or taking matters into your own hands.

Stamina and health are important (obvious I know). Stamina will drain doing nearly anything: Running, jumping, climbing, fighting, and can be replenished with snacks. Health only really goes down when hurt (obvious yet again) and will go back up when taking medication. Both max stamina and health can be reduced over time, staying awake and not resting will cause the max stamina to drop where as being hurt allot makes the mas health drop but both can be sorted by changing characters and letting them rest.

When you complete tacks and bring back supplies you earn influence which you can use to send out scavengers and set up outposts.

Now this is very basic but then again it should be. 1 button to attack is all you need. The main weapons you use are typical things found laying about from table legs and baseball bats and going on to crowbars and swords! You will also find a fair few guns and a fair amount of ammo to boot but just remember they make a loud noise so is it worth it to shoot and gain attention? (you can use a suppressor but they only work for a limited number of shots)

Both work really well. The graphics are good for a XBLA title but it does suffer from very frequent frame rate drops. The sound......well don't expect large booming score and thumping tracks because you will not be getting that, what you do get is subtle gentle background music.

From time to time it can feel like a drag and that everything is falling down around up but I'm sure that's the point?

Good Points
  • Getting dragged into most zombie fans ideal world.
  • The feeling of despair when things go wrong. 
Bad Points
  • The glitches.
  • Frame rate issues. 
I just want to add that Undead Labs are working on the issues and are pushing for a title update to sort them out.

You can buy State Of Decay now on the Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 28 - The Woman in Black

 photo TheWomaninBlack_zps1d416d3b.jpg

Sent to an isolated village to tie up a deceased client's affairs, a young lawyer finds himself in a community grappling with a sinister presence.

A small British village is shocked by the death of 3 little girls. The girls were playing in an attic room when they all stood up looking like they were in a hypnotic state, they turn around and one by one jump out of the window. Arthur Kipps is a widowed father and a lawyer from from London who is sent by his company to get the paperwork to sell the large and isolated Eel Marsh House who's owner died. Arther does not want to leave his son but his boss tells him that if he does not take the job then he will lose his job. When he gets to the village the local people give him the cold shoulder and he finds it hard to find a room for the night. Mr. Jerome (his legal contact) tries to convince him to leave the job and go back to London but Arther goes to Eel Marsh House anyway and feels like he can get all the work down in a week but he starts hearing odd noises and visions of a lady dressed in black. He hears the sound of children in distress outside but there is no sign of anyone.

I think it is safe to say that Daniel Radcliffe has found the perfect style of films for him.He is amazing in this and suits the roll perfectly and I just wish that he continues his work with Hammer Film Productions and becomes this generations Christopher Lee.

I found no flaws with this film at all. Direction, sound, acting, score.....all work together perfectly to bring Hammer Horror up to date.

This film really is for anyone who has a love for horror.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 27 - Deadliest Warrior

 photo DeadliestWarrior_zpsb0f9c66b.jpg

This series surveys military might across the millennia by staging showdowns between a Viking and a samurai, a SEAL and an Israeli commando, and more.

Deadliest Warrior pits 2 legendary combatants against one another. They could be a group (SAS/SWAT) or an individual (WilliamWallace/Shaka Zulu). All their weapons are tested and experts are brought in to help with the testing. Ballistic gel and fake bone are used to test the lethality of the blunt and bladed weapons where as the ranged weapons (guns/bows) are used outside on the range. They then get all the date and run it through a computer program 1000 times to find out who will be the Deadliest Warrior.

One episode featuring I.R.A. vs. Taliban caused a bit of controversy here in the UK and I think that episode was not shown during the first run of the series.

Now on Netflix they only have series 1 & 2 and for some reason don't have series 3..........the third series has my favourite episode, Zombies vs. Vampires! But it is safe to say that the outcome of that episode annoyed me just a little bit.

This show is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, no grey area what so ever. I personally love it but my other half Emily hates it with a passion so it is safe to say that this show is aimed at males.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

 photo BloodDragon_zps619ad493.jpg

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a FPS published by Ubisoft. It's a stand alone expansion to the highly popular Far Cry 3. The game is dripping with references to 80's culture be it from films or music (I will go more into that later on).

The year is 2007 and the world has gone into war, you are Sergeant Rex Power Colt who is a 'Mark IV Cyber Commando' sent to with his friend Spider to investigate Colonel Sloan who was an elite who has gone rogue. You confront Sloan who then kills spider and leaves Rex for dead. Rex is a woken by a voice in his head who tells Rex that she is Dr Darling, Sloans assistant who has turned against him after learning of his plans. They team up together to stop Sloans plans on attacking the world with his rockets which are filled with the blood of the dragons that roam the islands.

Well if you have played Far Cry 3 then you will be able to pick this game up and play it straight away as the controls are the same (that's not a bad thing). The graphics are dark but neon filled, red lasers flying around and a the sky is a constant deep blood red.

To unlock weapon attachments you have to complete the hunting and rescue side missions just like in Far Cry 3 but you also need to turn off old style TV's and collect these mystical items called VHS tapes (I think a fair few people playing this game will have no idea what they are). But what I did miss was the skinning of the animals to make things but we can't have everything can we?

Now on to the 80's references:
  • Predator reference - At the start of the game you are in a helicopter firing a mini gun while "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard is playing.
  • TMNT reference - In one of the side missions you are sent into the sewers to clear them out but come across 4 big turtles and random pizza boxes
  • Terminator reference - Rex is voiced by Michael Biehn who played Kyle Reese in The Terminator, rex also has a glowing red eye and a robotic arm (Terminator 1 & 2) oh and the opening music is just like the main Terminator theme.
  • Ropocop reference - A computer gives you a count down just like ED-209 does. The pistol Rex uses is just the same as the one Robocop does.
Now I could go on with them but I would be here all day pointing them all out and I can bet theres a fair few that have got by me.

Blood Dragon was a fantastic game and I personally couldn't put it down, I was hooked from the start all the way through the end and that was the problem, for me the end came too soon but then again it was a Xbox Live Arcade game but I think they should of worked on it more and had to come out in the shops.

You can get Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon  for PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows and for Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. 

Netflix Challenge Day 26 - Are You Scared?

 photo AreYouScared_zpsaf50f8bd.jpg

Six teenagers are imprisoned in a ramshackle factory where they're manipulated into deadly and gruesome situations as part of a sick reality show.

A group of 6 young people wake up in a warehouse/factory with no clue about how any of them got there. They start to notice CCTV cameras dotted all over the place but when the whole group are awake they hear a voice over a PA system informing them they are taking part in a show called "Are You Scared? and that they will have to "face their deepest fears" in order to win. What they don't know is that the challenge are not for show, the are real and one by one they must face the deadly challenges.

Well from the off you can tell that this is a blatant copy of Saw (even copy's a scene where someone has to cut a key out of themselves) but with zero talent! You can tell this was a straight to DVD film as the acting is shocking and cringe worthy. The special effects are tolerable at times but are are almost as bad as the acting.

If you want to see what Saw would of been like if it was made by people with no talent or vision then get this watched.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 25 - Revenge Of The Nerds

 photo RevengeOfTheNerds_zps2f0952b3.jpg

After enduring abuse from frat boys and their snotty girlfriends, two freshmen start a fraternity of brainy, socially inept cohorts to exact revenge.

Best friends Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe are a little bit on the nerdy side of life and are taking the big step and are going to Adams College to study computer science.  The Alpha Betas, a fraternity which houses most if not all of the football team and other random jocks (and enjoy nothing more then drinking and partying) have a little accident and burn their house down, the Coach tells them to turf out all the freshmen and move into their dorm. 

All the freshmen are now sleeping in the hall on fold up beds and are allowed to join a fraternity early so they can move out the hall. Most are successful but the nerds are left behind, they do to the Pi Delta Psi to ask for help are sent to the Alpha Betas to ask if they will take them in but little do they know that the Pi Delta Psi are in the the Alpha Betas. The nerds go to get help from the Greek Council but its president Stan Gable just happens to also be the head of the Alpha Betas and turn them down because they are not part of a fraternity. The nerds apply to 30 national fraternity's but all reject them bar 1, Lambda Lambda Lambda which just happens to be an all black fraternity agree to meet them but they turn them down, that is till Poindexter points out a bylaw stating that they have to take them on a 60 day probationary period. The nerds decide to throw a party to show to Lambda Lambda Lambda that they can be responsible and this is where the fun starts.

This is one of them little cult films along the lines of Porkys (but not as crude) and is kind of like the spiritual forefather for films like Van Wilder and the American Pie series.

Yea the acting is not the best out there but what do you expect from a film like this? Special effects? hmmmm.....the only thing I can think of is when a nerd is flirting in computer class and makes a 2 computer people hold hand and dance and to be fair it was not that bad at all.

So to sum up it is a little bit dated but still really enjoyable.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 24 - The IT Crowd

 photo TheITCrowd_zps1ad3d9ae.jpg

Aided by a tech-illiterate manager, a pair of basement-dwelling dweebs makes the most of life in IT at a corporation run by a cloddish new owner.

Set in the fictional Reynholm Industries, The IT Crowd revolves around the lowly IT guys who work from the basement. Maurice Moss is a genius with no social skills what so ever, Roy Trenneman is lazy and hates working (Have you tried turning it off and on again?) and then we have Jen Barber who is the Head of IT even though she has no clue when it comes to computers. The show also has the boss of Reynholm Industries: Denholm Reynholm and his son Douglas.

I just love it! Every episode had me laughing out loud. The writing is great and the comedy is very British and at times reminds me of the older comedy shows like The Young Ones and Fawlty Towers.
Really don't know what else to say other then watch it and enjoy!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 23 - Robocop

 photo Robocop_zpsee07416d.jpg

A monolithic corporation controlling a futuristic, crime-riddled Detroit transforms a dead cop into a cybernetic law-enforcement unit called RoboCop.

In a near future version of Detroit, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) takes over the running of the police force to try and save the city from destroying itself. OCP are planning to demolish Detroit and rebuild it as some sort of utopia called Delta City. To counter act the rising crime OCP start running tests on robotic law enforcement and during a presentation by senior president, Dick Jones his robot called ED-209 malfunctions and guns someone down. The OCP Chairman worries that it could cost them over $50 million and agrees on an alternative cyborg project that was brought forward by Bob Morton, Morton tells him it's called the "Robocop" project. 

I just loved Robocop, I remember watching it as a child (yea I ws a bit too young to see it) and used to watch it all the time I even had some Robocop toys.

Yea at time the acting and some of the sound effects are a bit cheesy but that's what you get with a 80's action film. Some of the special effects do look a little bit dated but they are still better then some films that have been coming out over the last few years.

The Robocop series went on for a total of 3 films (a reboot is being made), 2 different TV series, 2 separate cartoons (which was aimed at kids), video games, comics and toys. So its safe to say that even tho the films were only really for adults the rest were watchable by kids.

So nearly 30 years after this came out it's still a great watch.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 22 - Snatch

 photo Snatch_zps2c19d523.jpg

A gangster transporting a stolen gem inadvertently triggers a slew of events that wends through the worlds of bookies, bare-knuckle boxing and swine.

A gang disguised as Orthodox Jewish men pull off a diamond heist where they get away with a  84-carat diamond, Franky "Four-Fingers" makes off to London to sell the jewel to Doug "The Head" on behalf of his cousin "Cousin Avi". Just after the heist he is advised that while in London he is to obtain a gun from Boris "The Blade".....but what he didn't know is that the rest of the gang and Boris are working together and plan on stealing the Diamond from him.

Going off at the same time is small time boxing promoter Turkish and his friend Tommy who convince gangster "Brick Top" to add a unlicensed boxing match featuring "Gorgeous George" to the bets at Brick Top's bookies. Tommy is sent to get a new caravan from a a bunch of Pikeys, they are ripped off and George gets into a fight with Mickey O'Neil who just happens to a bare-knuckle boxing champion, George gets seriously hurt and can not fight in the unlicensed match so Turkish convinces Mickey to replace George in the up coming match on one condition, they buy his mum a new caravan. Brick Top goes ahead with it but wants Mickey to take a fall in the 4th round. Do you think a Pikey will do that willingly? 

This is the second British gangster film by Guy Ritchie (The first was Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and to be fair it's just like the first one and follows the same ideas and even features many of the same actors.

Snatch has everything you could need from action to comedy and a little bit of thriller thrown in for good measure. The choice of music fits perfectly, the actors do a great job and the direction is spot on.

The only problem I have with it is the man who plays Brick Top, Alan Ford. All he ever seems to play is angry Cockney bloke and for a change he will play angry shouty Cockney bloke.

Obviously Snatch is a must if you enjoy Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels but is recommend it if you also enjoy the latest slew of British films.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 21 - Saw VI

 photo SawVI_zps724ae21c.jpg

Agent Strahm is long gone, and Detective Hoffman is now the heir to Jigsaw's terrifying legacy. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Erickson is hot on his trail.

Saw VI follows the progression of the Jigsaw Killer's successor Mark Hoffman as he continues Jigsaw's work and sets a series of traps for insurance executive William Easton and his employee's at an insurance firm. The FBI are looking into Peter Strahm as they think he is Jigsaw's last accomplice and now Hoffman must work fast to cover his tracks.

This is the 6th film in the very successful franchise but was also the least profitable of the film series but was still a big success next to its small budget.

Now I will hold my hand up and admit that I am a massive fan of the films. I love the way the films over lap one another at various places and how they keep you guessing. At times the gore in these films can be a bit too much for most and the "traps" can be rather gruesome at times.

For me the music is a big part of these films. Charlie Clouser did the score and it fits the films perfectly. I became a fan of his work through my love of Nine Inch Nails.

If you have a strong stomach and don't mind seeing blood and gore then this is for you.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 20 - The Stepfather

 photo TheStepfather_zpsd74a4d63.jpg

A series of mysterious events makes a teenager suspect that his mother's new boyfriend may be a dangerous serial killer known for preying on families.

As it starts we are shown a man in a bathroom shaving and dying his hair but then he puts in different colour contact lenses. It cuts and shows various family members scattered around the house......dead. He casually goes down stairs makes some peanut butter on toast and leaves.
Months later and he is in a supermarket and talks to a woman and her kids about how its a woman's world and they should let their mum decide which cookies to buy, they talk and he mentions she is divorced and he says he lost his wife and daughter the year before. As he is putting the shopping in the car the woman introduces herself as Susan Harding and the man says he is called David Harris and invited him to come for pizza with her and the kids.

It jumps again and Susan and David and engaged, Susan's eldest son Michael is coming home from military school and meeting 'David' for the first time. Things are tense for a bit but they all start getting along. Things heat up when Michael starts getting suspicious after David gets the name of his dead daughter wrong and the nosey cat lady neighbour talks to Susan saying that she was watching Americas Most Wanted and a sketch of a serial killer looks just like's safe to say that David does not waste time sorting that out.

The suspicions mount up when David randomly quits his job to avoid giving I.D and his stories start to not add up.

I had no idea that this was a remake of the 1987 film with the same name but now that means I have to go out and try to find a copy of that one to watch. 

I love watching films like this and trying to figure out how people will find out the truth and enjoying the slip ups the killer tends to make and this one kept me guessing.

The Stepfather is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller, I didn't find any problems with the acting or directing or sound what so ever.

In a way this film reminded me of the new wave of thrillers/horrors that kicked off with the first Scream film and maybe that's why I enjoyed it so damn much.

I would recommend this film for fans of Scream.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 19 - Bad Boys

 photo BadBoys_zpsd59aa756.jpg

In this fast-paced actioner, two Miami narcotics cops are hot on the trail of a master crook who has snatched $100 million worth of heroin.

Two narcotics cops working for the Miami PD are put back on their biggest case after $100 million worth of high grade heroin is stolen from right under the Police Department's nose. Internal affairs are on their back as they believe it must of been an inside job. They have less then a week to get it back before the narcotics department is closed down.

This film was picked by the misses Emily (She runs a Beauty Blog and a Book Blog) because she wanted to pick film to watch so I loaded up Netflix and let her pick away and was shocked that she picked this as she tends to go for Disney films and soppy romances. I will also hold up my hands and admit that I have never seen Bad Boys before

Bad Boys is a typical buddy cop style film, 2 partners from different backgrounds and a boss that just shouts all the time. It's all here even the expensive car.

I thought the film was flawless but with 1 little problem, Téa Leoni's acting made me cringe.

Bad Boys is 2 hours long but doesn't feel like it at all, its really easy to watch and enjoyable to boot.  This is a must for any buddy cop film.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

No Netflix Challenge Today

Sorry guys but due to family circumstances there is no Netflix Challenge today. Things should all be back to normal tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 18 - Insidious

 photo Insidious_zpse57fd72b.jpg

Hoping to leave their haunted house behind, a suburban family moves to a new place, only to learn the home wasn't haunted... but their eldest son is.

Renai and Josh Lambert have just moved into a new area with their 3 young children, while looking through some pictures Dalton wondered where they are no pictures of Josh when he was a kid and Renai just shrugs it off and thinks that Josh must of been camera shy as a child.

Dalton is playing and hears a noise in the attic, he goes up to see what it is and falls and hurts himself but can not take his eyes off the darkness in the corner, he goes to bed just like normal but does not wake up in the morning and is rushed to the hospital where they find he is in a coma. 3 months later he comes home but still in a coma and the family are taught how to look after him.

And this is where the weird stuff happens from hearing voices over the baby monitor to figures behind the curtains. They think the house is haunted but is it the house or is it something else?

I felt that Insidious was a breath of fresh air after all the cookie cutter horror films we have been having over the last few years. (Countless found footage films and run of the mill slashers). It uses sudden noises and shadowy figures to make you wonder if you saw it or not.

I do feel that it could of been allot more if only it had be given a larger budget but they did an amazing job with what they got. The special effects are flawless the sound is spot on and I can not find any faults with the acting what so ever.

Keen eyes would spot Billy (Puppet from SAW) with a number 8 under it drawn on a blackboard.....hint towards a 8th Saw film?

If you are wanting a good old fashion scare then Insidious is for you.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 17 - The Mighty Boosh

 photo TheMightyBoosh_zpsc2e87329.jpg

Vince and Howard, employees of a zoo run by the maniacal Bob Fossil, enjoy surreal adventures with an ape named Bollo and other odd characters.

The Mighty Boosh follows the strange and bizarre adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon as they get themselves into weirder and weirder situations with their friends Bollo the ape and Naboo the Shaman.

Vince's main love apart from himself is fashion all be it a some what outlandish fashion sense going from Jacobean ruff's to drainpipe trousers made out of bamboo! Howard is a simple man with simple tastes, he loves Jazz and dressing like a supply teacher.
The story's are out there with Vince turning punk and eating one of Howard's rare Jazz records and infecting himself with a Jazz virus and then goes to Howard having to go toe to toe with a Kangaroo in a boxing match.

The show can be quite random at times but that's a good thing because just as you are settling in to a story then WHAM the moon comes in with to say something that doesn't have anything to do with the story. They sing little ditty's they call Crimping.

Soup Soup
Tasty Soup Soup
Spicy carrot and corriander
Chilli chowder
Crouton Crouton
Crunch friends in a liquid broth
I am gespatchio Oh!
I am a summer soup Mmmm!
Miso Miso
Fighting in the dojo
Miso Miso
Oriental Prince in the land of soup

The crimps have got quite a cult following  and were even copied by a cereal manufacturer.

The show started off as a radio show then spawned into 3 series that follow them as they go from working and living in a Zoo in series 1 to moving into a flat with Bollo and Naboo in series 2 then end up working in Naboo's shop in series 3. It also had 2 live tours.

To wrap it all up the show can be a bit random at times and it's not really for everyone because you either love it or hate it......I am one of the many who love it.

The Mighty Boosh is for fans of shows like The I.T Crowd.

Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Basic

 photo FisheyeBaby1_zps5c34ab08.jpg

Before I start with the review I just want to say that yes my blog is called The DIGITAL Bites but I have a new found love for lo-fi photography and this is the first of hopefully many cameras to come.

This is a review of the Lomography Fisheye 110 Basic, it's a smaller pocket version of Lomography's Fisheye No.2 and as the name says packs a fisheye lens and view finder. A lot of cameras like this would get called toy cameras due to their size and styling as well as plastic cameras because they are made of plastic and/or have a plastic lens.

 photo FisheyeBaby2_zps7acc4a71.jpg

No I am not a giant, the camera really is that small! But as they say the best things come in small packages.

It takes 110 film that was discontinued in 2009 but Lomography started making their own in 2012.They first did the Orca Black and White 100 ISO (the film I used) and have brought out the Colour Tiger 200 ISO, Peacock 200 ISO and Lobster Redscale 200 ISO.

I am a total photography novice but found it really easy to use, just look through the viewfinder and click, it really is that simple. If you are in a low light situation you can change the shutter to stay open as long as you hold the button down and doing so will help more light get in which boots the brightness of the picture but be careful as it can over expose but then again that's what some people want so play away.

Getting the 110 film developed was not as hard as I thought it would be, you can send it off to Lomography for them to do it but you can also find people local to you who can do it. I went to my local Max Spielmann and they could do it but had to send it off, it did take just over 2 weeks to get the pictures but I did send it off just before a bank holiday so that set back the return date.

 photo Freshny_zps5e4b2621.jpg

 photo View_zpsb0c71c25.jpg

 photo Anchor_zps866e54b5.jpg

As you can see it is great for pictures when you are out and about and I was lucky because he had some amazing weather for me to test it out.

 photo Emily_zpsae8bb4e1.jpg

 photo Livvy_zps4afaf762.jpg

 photo Meg_zpsb621c9fe.jpg

The above pictures show you what I feel the camera is made for, getting timeless pictures of friends and family that you can not get with digital cameras.

The white around the pictures is from when I scanned them using a all in one scanner and printer but Lomography sell the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask which you can also use to scan your 110 film negatives but you can also buy dedicated film scanners that takes 110 as well as 120 and even 35 film.

I think it is safe to say that I have caught the Lomography bug and have a long list of cameras I want (more like need) and will be getting over the next year or so. I think this camera would be perfect for a young child to use as they wouldn't spend their time setting up the picture, they are impulsive and will just look and shoot and that is something I need to learn how to do.