Wednesday, 24 October 2012

First post, no idea wht I am doing and talking a load of poop!

So then, this is my first bolg as the girlfriend has been banging on about how I should start one. No idea what I am blogging about due to the fact I have spent all day doing naff all! I think I will start with a description/rant so here it goes.

Name: Scott Hutcheson
Age: 31
Partner In Crime: Emily
Job: Nothing at the moment but I m working hard at trying to get a job
Hobbies: Reading, Films, Gaming, Cooking and reading about Tech
Gamertag: iMucka Z
Where Do I Live: The small dock town of Grimsby
Love To Do: Review films/games/tech. I Can do films and games easy but need a job ASAP!

So blah blah blah here is my blog, no idea how often I will be blogging but will be trying a few times a week.


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