Sunday, 18 November 2012

My #PerfectGAME

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

Well seeing as this competition is to win a Wii U I thought my game would be for that console.

In games I have a love for in depth character creation and open world gameplay so thought my game would be a third person science fiction survival horror based in a alternative dystopian future. The player has no idea how the world ended like it has but all they know they need to survive while being haunted by nightmare and the fear of never knowing what is out there. The colours would look really drained as if all the life has just upped and left, everything feels cold.

There is a sparse population and not everyone will treat you as good as you hope so looting would be a big part of the game as you never know what could be of use for building or trading (and even to bribe people to leave you alone).

Food, water and even sleep are important to survive, take one away and things will start to get tricky.

Food: Lack of food would make you weaker so movement would be impaired and defending yourself would be nigh on impossible.

Water: Well to put it short no water would mean death.

Sleep: Don't get enough sleep and not only will concentration go out the window but you will also start to get more paranoid.

The soundscape would be extremely important, you hear some rocks fall....was it the wind? or ws it someone or something stalking you? The music would be a mix of orchestral and digital music, string sections with the hard hitting sound of keyboards and electronic drums to bring home the feeling of being alone. Imagine a mix of The Book of Eli meets Blade Runner and you will be spot on.

The game would make the most from the new Wii U GamePad functions.
Touchscreen: This would be used for building things to help you in the world, picking locks and even looting.

Microphone: This would be used for sneaking moments, any noise made by you and anythhing around you could raise the alarm.

Was it aliens? A virus? Governments collapsing? War? Or is it just the world getting its own back?

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