Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dishonored: Special Edition

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This is a little review of the Dishonored: Special Edition. I picked this up in the Game sale for about £20 and is it worth every single penny! The main reason I picked up this game is because its by Bethesda Softworks the guys behind Fallout, Brink, RAGE and a little game series you might of heard of The Elder Scrolls and to be honest I am a fan of their work.

Right then on with the review, the special edition comes with a tarot deck that is based on all the different characters from the game and a DLC code for the Arcane Assassin Pack.

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You play as Corvo Attano who is the bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin but you are framed for her murder by some teleporting assassins who kill the Empress and kidnap her daughter Young Lady Emily. Corvo turns master assassin to save Emily and clear his name.

What I really like about this game is that you can play through it and kill everyone who steps in your way or you can work through it and not kill anyone, it is totally up to the player to decide how they are going to do each mission but keep in mind that if you do kill alot there will be more rats and a much darker ending. Oh and I also like the game has a slight steam punk image of a late 1800s London.

To help Covro achieve his goal are gadgets and magic that you can upgrade (if you want to) and there is even an achievement where you need to finifh the game without buying anything other then Blink.

My only gripe about this game is that it is not as open world as other Bethesda Softworks but that is my fault for assuming all their games would be but dont get me wrong it dosent make the game worse.

So if you like stealth games like the Thief series then this really is for you.

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