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Dredd is a 2012 action/sci-fi film based on a character from the weekly comic 2000AD it's directed by Pete Travis with characters written by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra and screenplay by Alex Garland. It stars Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby.

In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO. (Taken from imdb)

During a routine day on the job, Dredd (Urban) is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson (Thirlby), a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A tripple murder calls for them to go where the Judges don't tread, one of Mega-City One's many City Blocks (A City Block is a gigantic tower block that can hold upto fifty thousand people and are more like a complete city in itself). While there they find out the entire block is ruled by the Ma-Ma Clan which is ruled by Ma-Ma (Headey)

When I first heard about this film the small child in my went into massive nerd mode, I was wondering who they would bring to life in the film (I was praying for the Dark Judges) and was also trying to think which time part in the Dredd timeline it would be based.

it is easy to say that I just love this film, love the way its filmed and love the over saturated effect they use when people take SLO-MO. Fans of the comics will be able to pick up on little easter eggs that are throughout the film and for me they just help brin the world of Judge Dredd to life.

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