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Dead Space

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Dead Space came out in 2008 and is a third-person sci-fi survival horror from EA Games.

The year is 2508 and you are Engineer Isaac Clarke who is part of the crew along with Commander Zach Hammond and Computer Specialist Kendra Daniels onboard the USG Kellion sent to investigate the distress signal sent out from the USG Ishimura during it's mining operation on the planet Aegis VII. Something goes wrong while docking and the Kellion only just manages to dock with the Ishimura but when they start to investigate they are attacked by vile creatures called Necromorphs and Issac is split from the rest of the team. Zach and Kendra manage to get away but find out that most of the ships vital systems are down and they need Issac to get them up and running again.

The game is played with a over the shoulder third person and omits the use of a 'normal' HUD to show health and ammo and instead shows the health as a bar down Issac's spine and the ammo can be seen on the weapon you are using. Maps, inventory and video calls are done through a unique holographic style display that projects in front of Issac's face from a device on his chest. You can gain access to computer operated stores which you use to buy and sell items to help further the game. You can also use Benches to help upgrade Issac's gear (boost health, weapon damage etc) through the use of "Power Nodes" which you either find or buy from the stores.

 In Dead Space combat is a little bit different then other games as it uses something they call "strategic dismemberment" which is where the player kills the Necromorphs my removing their limbs as shooting them in the head has little effect. By removing the limbs the Necromorphs can change the way they move and attack and even go as far as sprouting other creatures to attack Issac. With Issac being an engineer the weapons he has access to are not the normal guns and lasers and are more like the tools of his trade.
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Rotary Saw
  • Hydrazine Torch
  • High-Energy Contact Beam
  • Force Cannon
Each weapon also has a secondary firing mode for example you can rotate the plasma cutter 90 degrees which helps with the "strategic dismemberment". To survive you need to scavenge ammunition and health packs as well as other items which are found randomly about the ship as well as from fallen enemies.

This is where the game excels, even now 5 years after the release they still look amazing. What makes them stand out is the use of light and shadows to give you the feeling of safety or fear BUT this is not always the Dead Space you are NEVER safe! The sounds add an extra level to it from Issac's thumping footsteps to the distant scuttering sounds of the Necromorphs as they make their way through the ships vents. A good example is in the video below.

At times I found this game absolutely terrifying, it is like a nightmare fuelled roller coaster and you can not get off. Over all I really enjoyed this game and hope this review will be of use to you. I leave you with a summary of good and bad points.
Good Points
  • Plot/Story
  • Graphics
  • Sound
Bad Points
  • Combat can be a bit hard to follow


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