Monday, 20 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 13 - Evil Aliens

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Desperate to save her job, a TV host hires actors to stage an alien abduction on a remote island. All goes well ... until real aliens show up!

On a small remote Welsh island a young couple are abducted. The boy is brutally murdered where as the girl (Cat) is impregnated with an alien foetus. The story grabs the attention of Michelle "Foxy" Fox who hosts a TV show called Weird Worlde and her crew. They set out with a UFO expert and 2 actors to interview Cat and film a reenactment but get caught up in a whole world of weirdness.

Now I will admit that I picked this film because I had a little crush on Emily Booth when she used to host BITS (A UK video game show hosted by 3 women) and I love British horrors. Now don't go into watching this expecting to see  Oscar winning acting because you wont but that is part of the charm of films like these so yea the acting is B list (that is a good thing) but I was taken back with the special effects.....they are quite good and they mix computer animated and prosthetics really well.

Fans of cult British films/shows will love seeing Norman Lovett (Holly from Red Dwarf) in a totally different character and will you sport the poster from Razor Blade Smile (director Jake West's first film)

This film is a must for fans slapstick/horror films like Evil Dead.

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