Saturday, 25 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 18 - Insidious

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Hoping to leave their haunted house behind, a suburban family moves to a new place, only to learn the home wasn't haunted... but their eldest son is.

Renai and Josh Lambert have just moved into a new area with their 3 young children, while looking through some pictures Dalton wondered where they are no pictures of Josh when he was a kid and Renai just shrugs it off and thinks that Josh must of been camera shy as a child.

Dalton is playing and hears a noise in the attic, he goes up to see what it is and falls and hurts himself but can not take his eyes off the darkness in the corner, he goes to bed just like normal but does not wake up in the morning and is rushed to the hospital where they find he is in a coma. 3 months later he comes home but still in a coma and the family are taught how to look after him.

And this is where the weird stuff happens from hearing voices over the baby monitor to figures behind the curtains. They think the house is haunted but is it the house or is it something else?

I felt that Insidious was a breath of fresh air after all the cookie cutter horror films we have been having over the last few years. (Countless found footage films and run of the mill slashers). It uses sudden noises and shadowy figures to make you wonder if you saw it or not.

I do feel that it could of been allot more if only it had be given a larger budget but they did an amazing job with what they got. The special effects are flawless the sound is spot on and I can not find any faults with the acting what so ever.

Keen eyes would spot Billy (Puppet from SAW) with a number 8 under it drawn on a blackboard.....hint towards a 8th Saw film?

If you are wanting a good old fashion scare then Insidious is for you.

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