Monday, 27 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 19 - Bad Boys

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In this fast-paced actioner, two Miami narcotics cops are hot on the trail of a master crook who has snatched $100 million worth of heroin.

Two narcotics cops working for the Miami PD are put back on their biggest case after $100 million worth of high grade heroin is stolen from right under the Police Department's nose. Internal affairs are on their back as they believe it must of been an inside job. They have less then a week to get it back before the narcotics department is closed down.

This film was picked by the misses Emily (She runs a Beauty Blog and a Book Blog) because she wanted to pick film to watch so I loaded up Netflix and let her pick away and was shocked that she picked this as she tends to go for Disney films and soppy romances. I will also hold up my hands and admit that I have never seen Bad Boys before

Bad Boys is a typical buddy cop style film, 2 partners from different backgrounds and a boss that just shouts all the time. It's all here even the expensive car.

I thought the film was flawless but with 1 little problem, Téa Leoni's acting made me cringe.

Bad Boys is 2 hours long but doesn't feel like it at all, its really easy to watch and enjoyable to boot.  This is a must for any buddy cop film.

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