Saturday, 11 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 4 - Indie Game The Movie

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This captivating documentary follows several indie game designers as they painstakingly develop their games and hope for breakthrough success.

This film documents the dizzying highs and the soul crushing depressing lows that independent game developers go through to get their games out and accepted by the public.

Braid developer Jonathan Blow goes on about how even tho Braid was a massive hit and received widespread critical acclaim he felt that people just didn't get the underlying message and the games themes and goes off on one at people through forum comments trying to set them straight and slowly becomes a bit of a inter joke by doing so.

Super Meat Boy developers Team Meat (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes)want to make a game that brought back their own childhood gaming experiences. While in development they get invited to take part in a Xbox Live Arcade promotion called "Game Feast but the problem s they they are given a month to get the game finished and doing to puts a hell of a lot of pressure on the pair and effects their life's (marriage problems and social issues). They manage to get the game done in time but when it comes to release day the game is not found in the market place to start off with but that all changes later in the day and when it does the sales go through the roof and sells over 20,000 units in the first 24 hours and becomes an instant fan favourite.

Fez developer Polytron (Phil Fish and Renaud B├ędard) have taken 4 years to get Fez to where it is and its even been remade 3 times! They set off to show the game at PAX but have a possible lawsuit looming overhead (Fish's ex work partner Jason DeGroot was yet to sign his side of the final separation deal and not doing so would stop them from showing the game). They set up the kiosk but at hit with yet another problem with the game, they did some last minute work on the game the night before but had inadvertently set some game breaking glitches right at the start of the game!

I had seen some reviews of this film and didn't really give it much of a second thought but I am glad I did. If you love the games in the Xbox Live Arcade and want to see the blood, sweat and tears that go into them then get watching this.

One problem I had with this.......after watching it I now NEED the 3 games! DAMN YOU INDIE GAME THE MOVIE!!

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