Sunday, 12 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 5 - Darkness Falls

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 Lynched by an angry mob more than 150 years ago, a falsely accused woman returns as a vindictive ghost dubbed the Tooth Fairy to take revenge.

The films takes place in a small American coastal town called Darkness Falls and begins with the story of an old lonely widow called Matilda Dixon who is loved and adored by the local children as she gives them money and presents as their teeth fall out thus gaining the nickname of "Tooth Fairy" (Tooth Fairy is also one of the few names this was know as during filming.)

A freak fire burns through her house and she suffers extremely severe burns and become rather sensitive to light so she wears a porcelain mask to protect her face and only goes out at night to avoid the pain.

Of cause the parents are really cautious of her because of how close she is to the children but when 2 of them goes missing she is the prime suspect and a lynch mob forms to hunt her down, they find her, tie her up and rip her mask off exposing the sensitive skin to the light and causing extreme pain, as they taunt and abuse her she swears her revenge on the town. Not long after her death the 2 small children are found and that makes the town realise they made a big mistake and they quickly bury Matilda hoping it will cover their tracks and all will be forgotten. Oh how wrong they were!

The film is about Kyle, a young boy who's last baby tooth falls out one night just before his friend Caitlin comes to see him, not long after Caitlin goes he starts hearing a noise and goes to see what it is and bumps into him mum in the hall and tells her about the noise, she goes to check it out in the dark and gets killed by the Tooth Fairy while Kyle hides in the bathroom and survives BUT he gets the blame for her murder. Jump 12 years ahead and Caitlin's younger brother is suffering from nightmares and she calls on Kyle for help and yup, you guessed it, its the Tooth Fairy. 

Darkness Falls lends from the most primal of all fears, the fear of the dark, if you are in the dark then she can get you......easy to avoid? Not that easy in a film anyway as things always happen to take out the lights)

Even tho this film was slated by critics it did quite well on cinema and home media release.

Yes the acting might not be the best around and the special effects are not top notch but it does have some decent if typical scares (its quiet, too quiet then BANG!)

This is for fans of films like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and House Of Wax.

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