Monday, 13 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 6 - Rambo

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When governments fail to act on behalf of captive missionaries, ex-Green Beret John James Rambo sets aside his peaceful existence to take action.

Set many years after the original Rambo films we are introduced to a quiet and somber Rambo who is living a nice simple life in the jungles of Thailand. He is approached by some American missionaries who are led by Michael Burnett and Sarah Miller and want to hire him and his boat to take them into the war torn country of Burma to help them take supplies to a village and this is where the problems start. Burma has been a war zone for over 50 years with the Burmese military ruling with an iron fist.

Rambo takes them but is not happy about doing so and keeps asking if they want to go back but they soldier on and he drops them off at the village and they go about their work with medical help etc. It all seems to be going ok till a mortar goes off and the army rolls in with guns blazing and flame throwers burning everything to the ground. The missionaries are captured and taken away and that is when it all starts to happen.

This film does not hold back with showing you the brutality of war and even goes as far as showing children die  by being shot, stabbed and even thrown into a burning house. As you could probably guess the violence has been ramped up to the extreme and shows throats being ripped out and limbs being cut/blown off oh and I cant forget to mention all the people who are shot down.

I went into watching the film from only seeing the older Rambo films and not really knowing much about the character but that was not a problem at all because Stallone has done a superb job of helping you understand the character of Rambo (even tho he doesn't say that much during the film).

Do you like your action films to pull no punches and just take the violence and slap you in the face with it? Well watch this and watch it again!

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