Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 8 - My Bloody Valentine

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Haunted by a massacre that took place years ago, Tom returns to his hometown only to find that a pickax-wielding madman has begun a new killing spree.

A cave-in in a small town mine traps 6 miners, 6 days after the cave-in the rescue team get to the trapped men but find only one alive but unconscious, Harry Warden, he survived by killing the other men with a pickaxe to save the air for him. The mine owners son, Tom Hanniger get the blame for the cave-in because he forgotten to vent the gas lines but.

On Valentine's Day the next year Warden awakens and for some unknown reason decides to kill everyone around him. Sheriff Burke turns up to find body pieces all over and a heart inside a chocolate box.And not for another unknown reason a bunch of teenagers including Hanniger and his girlfriend and friends have decided to throw a party at the old mineshaft. His friends go into the mineshaft but Hanniger hold back a bit and leaves his girlfriend to go get some drinks from his car.

The girlfriend goes in by herself to try and catch up with their friends, she finds someone but the unlucky lad end up with a pickaxe in through the eye. She sees someone in full miners clothing carrying a blood covered pickaxe (Warden) and runs away but is grabbed by one of the friends into a little hide hole, Warden finds them but they make a break for the exit and bump into Hanniger on the way out, Warden goes for Hanniger and hits him with the pickaxe while the friends speed off in the car and leave him behind. He runs back into the mine to get away but as soon as Warden gets the chance to kill him the police turn up and shoot him but Warden gets away through the back of the mine.

I have not really heard much about this film and saw it had a 4/5 rating on Netflix so started watching it with a open mind. Not long after it started I was wishing I never picked it! The way it was filmed gave me the feeling of a low budget B-Movie (I love B-Movies but this was not supposed to look like one) the acting was just dire. I know this was made for 3D and you can tell with some of the shots like the pickaxe through the eye but them shots just looked stupid in 2D.

The story was as easy to read as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you could just easily tell who was going to be killed off and who was to get the blame.

Now I do love a good Slasher/Serial Killer film but I wish I just avoided this and feel the need to watch another film to make up for having to sit through that!

So if you want to watch a film where you can guess the ending after 20mins then yea waste your time and watch this.

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