Saturday, 1 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 24 - The IT Crowd

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Aided by a tech-illiterate manager, a pair of basement-dwelling dweebs makes the most of life in IT at a corporation run by a cloddish new owner.

Set in the fictional Reynholm Industries, The IT Crowd revolves around the lowly IT guys who work from the basement. Maurice Moss is a genius with no social skills what so ever, Roy Trenneman is lazy and hates working (Have you tried turning it off and on again?) and then we have Jen Barber who is the Head of IT even though she has no clue when it comes to computers. The show also has the boss of Reynholm Industries: Denholm Reynholm and his son Douglas.

I just love it! Every episode had me laughing out loud. The writing is great and the comedy is very British and at times reminds me of the older comedy shows like The Young Ones and Fawlty Towers.
Really don't know what else to say other then watch it and enjoy!

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