Monday, 3 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 26 - Are You Scared?

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Six teenagers are imprisoned in a ramshackle factory where they're manipulated into deadly and gruesome situations as part of a sick reality show.

A group of 6 young people wake up in a warehouse/factory with no clue about how any of them got there. They start to notice CCTV cameras dotted all over the place but when the whole group are awake they hear a voice over a PA system informing them they are taking part in a show called "Are You Scared? and that they will have to "face their deepest fears" in order to win. What they don't know is that the challenge are not for show, the are real and one by one they must face the deadly challenges.

Well from the off you can tell that this is a blatant copy of Saw (even copy's a scene where someone has to cut a key out of themselves) but with zero talent! You can tell this was a straight to DVD film as the acting is shocking and cringe worthy. The special effects are tolerable at times but are are almost as bad as the acting.

If you want to see what Saw would of been like if it was made by people with no talent or vision then get this watched.

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