Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Netflix Challenge Day 28 - The Woman in Black

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Sent to an isolated village to tie up a deceased client's affairs, a young lawyer finds himself in a community grappling with a sinister presence.

A small British village is shocked by the death of 3 little girls. The girls were playing in an attic room when they all stood up looking like they were in a hypnotic state, they turn around and one by one jump out of the window. Arthur Kipps is a widowed father and a lawyer from from London who is sent by his company to get the paperwork to sell the large and isolated Eel Marsh House who's owner died. Arther does not want to leave his son but his boss tells him that if he does not take the job then he will lose his job. When he gets to the village the local people give him the cold shoulder and he finds it hard to find a room for the night. Mr. Jerome (his legal contact) tries to convince him to leave the job and go back to London but Arther goes to Eel Marsh House anyway and feels like he can get all the work down in a week but he starts hearing odd noises and visions of a lady dressed in black. He hears the sound of children in distress outside but there is no sign of anyone.

I think it is safe to say that Daniel Radcliffe has found the perfect style of films for him.He is amazing in this and suits the roll perfectly and I just wish that he continues his work with Hammer Film Productions and becomes this generations Christopher Lee.

I found no flaws with this film at all. Direction, sound, acting, score.....all work together perfectly to bring Hammer Horror up to date.

This film really is for anyone who has a love for horror.

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