Friday, 7 June 2013

State Of Decay

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State Of Decay is a open world zombie survival horror game and is the first game developed by Under Labs.

Not really much of a plot. You start off as Marcus who upon returning from a hunting trip he notices things are not quite right. He meets up with a friend and they head off to see if they can find anyone else. The story develops how the player wants it to, missions come and go and you pick if you want to do them or not.

State Of Decay is different to all the other zombie games as the aim of this is to survive, you have to scavenge from huts/houses/shops or where ever you think you might find something. You build safe houses and bases with other survivors and band together to clear out the local areas of zombies.

Each of the survivors have different traits that could either help or hinder the group and you are sometimes given the decision of trying to make them leave or taking matters into your own hands.

Stamina and health are important (obvious I know). Stamina will drain doing nearly anything: Running, jumping, climbing, fighting, and can be replenished with snacks. Health only really goes down when hurt (obvious yet again) and will go back up when taking medication. Both max stamina and health can be reduced over time, staying awake and not resting will cause the max stamina to drop where as being hurt allot makes the mas health drop but both can be sorted by changing characters and letting them rest.

When you complete tacks and bring back supplies you earn influence which you can use to send out scavengers and set up outposts.

Now this is very basic but then again it should be. 1 button to attack is all you need. The main weapons you use are typical things found laying about from table legs and baseball bats and going on to crowbars and swords! You will also find a fair few guns and a fair amount of ammo to boot but just remember they make a loud noise so is it worth it to shoot and gain attention? (you can use a suppressor but they only work for a limited number of shots)

Both work really well. The graphics are good for a XBLA title but it does suffer from very frequent frame rate drops. The sound......well don't expect large booming score and thumping tracks because you will not be getting that, what you do get is subtle gentle background music.

From time to time it can feel like a drag and that everything is falling down around up but I'm sure that's the point?

Good Points
  • Getting dragged into most zombie fans ideal world.
  • The feeling of despair when things go wrong. 
Bad Points
  • The glitches.
  • Frame rate issues. 
I just want to add that Undead Labs are working on the issues and are pushing for a title update to sort them out.

You can buy State Of Decay now on the Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows.

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