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Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realise there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance. 

2 private investigators are hired by a woman to find her son who has been missing for a week, she gives them and address and tells them a window round the back is always open. When the investigators get in they find a room with a laptop showing a paused video and piles of VHS tapes and TVs all hooked up together. The man says he will go search the house while Ayesha stays in the room and checks the tapes.

Between the viewing of each tape things start to slowly get worse. Who is that in the background

(Bellow are quick descriptions of each of the short films)

Phase I Clinical Trials
A man wakes up in a doctors chair after having an operation to have a camera replace an eye he lost in a car accident. The doctor informs him that he might have some glitches and see flashes of light from time to time and for that reason they have installed a recording chip to make sure, the man is worried about "private" time and asks if it will really record everything but the doctors says it's a small price to pay in return for the government paying for his operation to get his sight back. Upon returning home the man starts to imagine he is seeing things and after a restless night there is a knock at the door......who is it and what happens?

A Ride in the Park
A mountain biker is taking his new bike out for a try and films it all with a helmet mounted camera, he calls his fiancee to let her know and that they will meet up with their friends for breakfast after he has gone round the park. Everything is going fine till a woman jumps out of the woods and runs into him, she is covered with blood and screaming about her boyfriend (did he do this to her?) He gets off his bike to help her but by now she is throwing up blood and passes out. He hears around groaning and sees some people shuffling towards them, he picks up the woman but she turns feral and claws at him. He gets away but falls down and collapses. In the distance we see 2 more bikers coming down, they see him and go to help......should they help or turn and run?

Safe Haven
In Indonesian a new crew is sent to report on what goes on in a cult. They take in cameras to record the interviews but also wear hidden cameras so they can film more then what they are told they can. Not long after setting up the camera for the interview one of the men heads off outside to get another battery but while outside he over hears his fiancee telling his best friend that she is pregnant and that it's his baby! A bell begins to chime and the "father" of the cult starts preaching over a tannoy system telling the cult that "time of reckoning has finally come". The camera man goes to ask "father" a question but he flips, pulls out a blade and warns him not to do it again.......Is it just a harmless cult or is they a darker side to it?

Slumber Party Alien Abduction
A group of young teenagers are playing pranks and recording it with a camera they have some how strapped to the dog. The boys sister is looking after them for the night and the group of boys play pranks on her and her friends (even go as far as filming her enjoying time with her boyfriend). The boyfriend goes after them to get the camera back but then the power cuts out and a loud noise shakes through the house......another prank or something else?

I saw the first V/H/S film and really enjoyed it so as soon as this came out I had to get it watched. V/H/S/2 has it's fair share of "WHAT THE HELL" moments and a fair amount of gore so it's not for the faint of heart. I did feel that this film felt a bit rushed but over all there were no problems at all. If you love found footage films then get this. You will be pleased!

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