Monday, 29 July 2013

Camera Review - BV 991

 photo WP_000308_zps4cb5ba3b.jpg
A little review of the BV 991. I found this little beauty on Ebay while window shopping for a bargain, I think it cost about £3 in total including the postage and as a bonus it came with a film (Expired Fujicolor C200). It's a basic no frills 35mm point and shoot camera with a 35mm lens.

My first outing with the camera was a weekend away to Bridlington with the girlfriend. I used the Fujicolor film that came with it and scanned the pictures with a Kodak ESP 3250.

 photo Bridlington11_zpscea75561.jpg
(Please ignore the fingerprints, I didn't see them till just now)  photo Bridlington10_zpsff10007a.jpg  photo Bridlington7_zpsc79926b1.jpg  photo Bridlington8_zps06f7ba56.jpg  photo Bridlington2_zps6a1a454e.jpg  photo Bridlington9_zps626d5a1e.jpg  photo Bridlington5_zpsf943268e.jpg
I think the last picture came out best. We were just walking along and saw the old couple walking holding hands and I thought it would make a great shot which I can not believe was taken this year..

I can hold my hands up and say that I am really impressed with how the pictures turned out, I thought that I would of had some trouble with light leaks but didn't get anything like that what so ever but one thing I did get was a slight vignetting.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Not posted for ages!

Yea sorry about not posting for quite a while but I have some ideas for the next few weeks and might be changing a few things yet again.

So hold tight and the posts will start again in a week.